A landfill in Naches has had it's permit suspended until problem fires on the property can be stopped. Officials at the The Yakima Health District have suspended the permit held by the Caton Landfill at 1500 Naches Wenas Road in Naches.

Health district officials say they've been working with the landfill

A news release from the Yakima Health District say they've been "working in close partnership with Caton LPL and DOE to remedy a series of fire events at the Caton LPL to this date.  YHD recognizes Caton LPL’s efforts in reacting and trying to remedy the series of fires at this facility."

District officials were first notified of the fires in November

District officials say they were first notified of a fire on November 2 and ever since the district and the Department of Ecology have been working with Caton Landfill to find a remedy to a series of fires at the landfill. However, the news release says "on Sunday, December 11th, another large fire surfaced at the Caton LPL. District officials say despite all the work there's "been no clear indication of the source or a remedy that has proven to be effective."
So until an answer can be found to stop the fires health district officials have suspended the landfill license.

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