The Pasco School District is accepting applications for the High School Naming Committee tasked with selecting permanent names for a pair of future schools.

Construction on the yet to be named comprehensive high school #3 is slated to begin this year and the yet to be named career and college academy next spring with both schools opening in August 2025.

Seth Johnson, planning principal for the college academy, says invitations for the naming committee went out to Pasco residents.

"All residents of Pasco have the opportunity to apply to be part of the naming committee. We're really looking for a group that would represent the population here in Pasco. We're looking for people that would be willing to come and participate with us." Johnson said.

If you're interested in applying, the school district needs your application by Sunday, August 13. Participants will attend at least two meetings, the first on August 23rd and the second on September 20.

Once the High School Naming Committee is assembled, they will begin reviewing name suggestions that people in the community are submitting through the ThoughExchange tools on the school district's website. Links are available in both English and Spanish.

"It's very transparent. Others will be able to see your recommendation or your suggested name and be able to rate. You'll be able to also explain your specific thoughts. It's very transparent for the community to see everyone's voice." Raquel Martinez, planning principal for the comprehensive high school said.

For more on the criteria that the High School Naming Committee will need to follow in narrowing down the suggested names, click here.

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