(Pasco, WA) -- The Pasco Aviation Museum received on if its largest donations ever on Monday; it was a $10,000 check from the Central Plateau Cleanup Company.

"The team really believes in improving and sustaining the quality of life in our communities, and that's what facilities like the air museum do. They provide us opportunities to go out, to explore, and to learn about the richness we have here in the Tri-Cities." said CPCCo Communications Director Rob Roxburgh.

Use of the funding will be be left up to the museum, and Volunteer Board Director Malin Bergstrom says the group already has some ideas.

"We're looking into a display that would show the connection between the airport here and the Hanford Site " said Bergstrom. "There's a lot of rumor about what that connection is, but there has been very little factual information available."

The Pasco Aviation Museum had been temporarily closed due to the pandemic, but will officially re-open in time for Veterans Day this Thursday.

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