On Thursday, Democratic leadership appointed Oregon representative Andrea Salinas to the House Ag Committee.


“Oregon’s sixth district stretches across hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland and produces everything from wine grapes to hazelnuts, berries to dairy products, grass seed, and countless other crops that people around the globe enjoy," noted the freshman Democrat from Tigard.  "Thousands of family farms call our community home – which is why I’m so pleased to have been appointed to the House Committee on Agriculture.


“This year, for the first time since 2018, Congress will take up the Farm Bill, a critical piece of spending legislation that will impact every part of our district, from Woodburn to Willamina, Sherwood to Sheridan.  Whether you’re a farmer seeking crop insurance for your specialty crops or a mother trying to put food on the table to feed your kids, the Farm Bill will ensure that the programs you rely on get funding and support from the federal government.


As a member of the Agriculture Committee, I’ll have the unique opportunity to contribute to this legislation and ensure that Oregonians of all backgrounds have a seat at the table as we craft this vital bill.  I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle on this and so many other important pieces of legislation that will impact the lives of Oregonians in the sixth district. Together, we can make a difference.”


Salinas added she looks forward to working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle on this piece of legislation.


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