Pamphlets filled with neo-nazi propaganda littered the streets of downtown Moses Lake during the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration March Monday.

Last week, Moses Lake Police officers received calls from residents in the Montlake Park area, who found neo-nazi propaganda flyers on their lawns.

Moses Lake Police Chief Kevin Fuhr said these pamphlets were placed inside small bags filled with rice.

The culprit dropped these bags again, this time along the parade route of the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration March on Monday.

Fuhr said he is not aware of any neo-nazi groups in the Moses Lake area.

“In my six and half years in Moses Lake, this is the first time I’ve seen neo-nazi propaganda in Moses Lake,” Fuhr said. “I’m not sure if it’s a newly established group in the Moses Lake area or if it’s somebody from out of the area that’s doing this.”

Police currently do not have any information on the messenger's identity, but are looking into surveillance footage taken during the march to try and identify the culprit.

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