Where Are The Largest High School Stadiums In Washington State?

If you ever lived in a small town in Washington State, you know it's all about high school football.

Players stand on the sidelines at a varsity high school football game.

What's The Most Expensive High School Stadium In Washington State?

I'm sure you've seen the movie and the TV show "Friday Night Lights" and I'm sure it wouldn't surprise you to know that the highest-paid public employee is generally a college-level football coach like the Washington State Cougars and the University of Washington's Huskies.   

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Don't worry, I'm still talking about high school football and you'd be surprised at what people will build for their local football teams and high schools.

I thought it would be fun to break down five of the most expensive and largest high school stadiums in the state of Washington so here we go:

Washington State's 5 Biggest and Most Expensive High School Stadiums

Get ready for some stadium-style fun and discover the five biggest and most expensive high school stadiums in Washington State.

These are just a few of the amazing high school stadiums that can pack them in on Friday nights. You'll even see that a few Tri-Cities stadiums made our list as well.

As you can see, Washington State residents love their football!

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