The beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosted the Summer Olympics in 2016. Rio also played host to the FIFA Men’s World Cup Soccer tournament in 2014. Both times it was on the World Stage - dazzling images of Christ The Redeemer were featured in TV promo's, commercials, and segment rejoins - example: "NBC welcomes you back to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio..." (pan to dramatic shot, seen below)

Drone Snap (via YouTube)
Drone Snap (via YouTube)

Very similar to Rio - we in Wenatchee, have the stunning “Wenatchee Valley Cross.


When I moved here in September of 2007, I noticed a lit-up cross on top of a hill.

I thought its visual effect at night was incredible. Add this to the night skiing lights of Mission Ridge in the Winter months - and we get a great combination of nighttime luminescence here in the Valley.

The more I got to know our area -  I learned that the cross was situated on top of Rooster Comb.

Wenatchee Valley Cross timeline

Doing some research on - Randy Smith, back in 1994, (then in his late 30s) placed a 30-foot Cross - “Above Castle Rock”.

The Cross moved temporarily, in 2002 to Rooster Comb - a high point in the Dry Gulch Trail System.

In 2009, The Cross moved to its present location  - on private property, on the Wenatchee Heights bluff.

A couple of years ago, in 2021, the Wenatchee Valley Cross got an upgrade with LED lights - installed by LocalTel's "very capable tower crew".

The cross as it stands today is 110’ tall and has about 150 10 watt LED lights on it. There is a crew of men that have volunteered to work on it and keep it maintained. The main purpose is to bring Glory to God the Father and His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Power to light the cross is financially supported by individuals here in the Valley. You can support Randy Smith and his team and have it lit for $10 per night - with a link found HERE.


See the iconic Christ the Redeemer in this drone video:


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