The Hanford Advisory Board, or HAB, is seeking new members to advise federal and state agencies on the ongoing cleanup of the Hanford Site in southeast Washington.

In a recent press release, the Tri-Party Agreement agencies (the U.S. Department of Energy, Washington State Department of Ecology, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) state that applications will be accepted from September 5th through October 31st for several vacant seats on the board. These vacant seats are for members that represent the public-at-large, and organizations from communities near the Hanford Site and surrounding region.

Susan Coleman, HAB Chair stated, “We’re looking for new board members who are interested in or have a stake in the nuclear cleanup at Hanford. A diversity of voices and perspectives will help shape advice and recommendations on Hanford cleanup that we provide to the Tri-Party Agreement agencies.”

According to the HAB charter, the primary mission of the board is to provide informed recommendations and advice to the Tri-Party Agreement agencies on selected major policy issues related to Hanford Site cleanup.

Members are expected to attend quarterly full board meetings and have the option to join topic-specific committees that also meet on a quarterly basis. HAB members are not paid, but do receive reimbursement for travel expenses while attending meetings.

Since 1994, the HAB has passed 314 pieces of advice to the Tri-Party Agencies.

Applications for membership and more information about the HAB can be found on Energy's website.

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