While several controversial (and possibly un-constitutional) gun proposals failed in the WA State Legislature, one has cleared the Senate...barely.

   Law putting liability on manufacturers, sellers clears State Senate

SB 5078 cleared the Senate on party lines, 28-21 in favor of passage, with Republicans voting no  according to MyNorthwest.com.

The bill, whose official name is Firearm Industry Responsibility & Gun Violence Victims’ Access to Justice Act, would require gun manufacturers and retailers to take a series of steps to "ensure" that their manufacture, sale, marketing and merchandising of firearms does not allow guns to wind up in the hands of those who cannot legally possess them or dangerous individuals.

Bascially,  what this bill really does is open the door of liability to allow gun makers, marketers and sellers to be potentially sued if a firearm is used to harm, kill or otherwise hurt someone.

It's the same principle as allowing people to sue an automaker if a vehicle causes a serious or fatal incident.

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According to MyNorthwest.com, WA AG Bob Ferguson issued a statement that read in part:

“This policy will ensure that the gun industry is treated like every other industry and faces real consequences for irresponsible conduct,”

However, given the dozens of bills that have been introduced over the last several legislative sessions seeking to squeeze down and limit the rights of legitimate gun owners, this is more of a Pandora's Box of liability.

The bill will now move onto the State House.

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