In front of the Chelan County Courthouse, family and friends of Elias Mora-Ontiveros came together to rally against the recent release of one of the suspects alleged to be involved in his murder Thursday.

Elias’ mother, Reina Ontiveros, says her and her family organized the rally after both the prosecution and the defense signed off on the release of Sabrina McCubbin.

On April 17, Ontiveros got the call that her 23-year-old son was shot near Pangborn Airport while picking up a loved one.

Ontiveras was transported and was later declared dead at the hospital. 

A few days later, McCubbin was arrested alongside her boyfriend, Erik Farias Reyes, and she was charged with rendering criminal assistance.

Farias Reyes was arraigned on Thursday, facing charges of second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, and unlawful possession of a firearm in the second-degree. 

Farias Reyes was also arraigned a day prior for a separate possession charge he earned while being processed at Chelan County Jail, after officers found a baggie of blue pills laced with fentanyl on him.

Juan Carlos Vasquez-Hernandez from Rock Island is accused of being the getaway driver during the shooting, facing second-degree murder charges for his alleged involvement in this case.  

McCubbin was originally set to be arraigned on Thursday before her attorney, Jeremy Burke, filed to have Douglas County Superior Court Judge Brian Huber disqualified from the case a week prior. 

On May 9, prosecutors dropped their case against McCubbin, stating that the investigation could not be completed in time for a speedy trial.

Ontiveros believes McCubbin should receive a second-degree murder charge for her alleged involvement in her son’s death.

“She was there with Erik at the scene, she left with Erik, she hid out with Erik,” Ontiveros said. “She was more of an accomplice with Erik than the getaway driver was, yet the getaway driver is getting second-degree murder as well as Erik, and why is she not?”

Ontiveros said they are also hoping the community could help them speak out against the recent rise in gun violence within the Wenatchee valley.

“We're hoping the community will help us, be our voice, and that they will help us speak out because there has been a lot of gun violence within the last few years, like it's just unbelievable,” Ontiveros said.

Charges could still be brought against McCubbin in Douglas County Superior Court in the near future. 

Ontiveros stated that she doesn’t want to see any of the three suspects receive light sentences for their involvement in her son’s murder.

“I just want them to know that they took the wrong mother's son, because I'm going to fight until the end until there's justice for my son,” Ontiveros said.

Rally for Elias Mora-Ontiveros at Chelan County Jail

On May 11, the Ontiveros family came together to rally against the recent release of one of the suspects alleged to be involved in the murder of Elias Mora-Ontiveros.

Gallery Credit: Terra Sokol

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