More and more people say they are done with artificial Christmas trees, and they want to go old school when decking the halls, as noted by several customers at a lot looking for the perfect tree for their home.


“I think there's a nostalgia of a real tree is one thing, and the smell of it more fun.”

“Yeah you feel more connected to the land.”

“I don't know it doesn't feel like Christmas is a fake tree.”  


According to Tim O'Connor with the National Christmas Tree Association, families, especially younger families, are choosing real Christmas trees because they match up with their values.  And many are visiting their locally owned Christmas tree farm.


“Where they can meet the family they can see that growing a real tree is a sustainable business that matches up with the values of this younger generation.”


O'Connor said in response, tree growers nationwide are very optimistic about the future of the industry, with many planting more trees now which will be ready for sale in about 10 years.


Oregon is the #1 Christmas tree producing state in the U.S.


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