UPDATE: Oregon State Police say 170 vehicles were involved in crashes on two-miles of I-84 between Pendleton and La Grande during severe winter weather on Monday. 19 people were treated at hospitals. No one was killed. 71 people were transported to the Pendleton Convention Center for reunification. A local taxi company and church vans took people to local hotels.

Original Story:

(Meacham, OR) -- Nearly 100 vehicles are involved in a crash on snow-covered I-84 in northeast Oregon. The crash happened between Pendleton and La Grande. Oregon State Police report as troopers arrived, they heard more vehicles crashing behind them. The largest crash involved 15 to 20 vehicles that were strewn across the freeway and into the median. Several injuries are reported. People who weren't hurt, but couldn't drive their vehicles, were taken to the Pendleton Convention Center. The westbound lanes of the freeway are expected to remain closed for several hours.

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