Washington State is home to many interesting people.

Washington has raised many great athletes such as Cooper Kupp, Brian Urlacher, Drew Bledsoe, and Hope Solo. A lot of great musicians have come from Washington, with a few even coming out of Tri-Cities, including an entire rock band.

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When it comes to technology and enterprise, who can forget Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos? Heck, Washington even has the whole serial killer phenomenon. (Hey, we have our quirks in the Pacific Northwest.)

But what about Hollywood? Yeah, we've got that covered, too.

Washington is home to several actors and actresses.

You might not think Washington has a big footprint on the film and television industry, but it does and it's pretty impressive. Several movies have been filmed in Washington (like Benny & June), and others have been set here (yes, Sleepless in Seattle is the first that comes to mind). Seattle seems to have a creative aura to it with all of the artists coming from the Emerald City.

It's not all about Seattle, however. Spokane, Moses Lake, and even Tri-Cities have been home to some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Check out our list of blockbuster stars, television mainstays, and other accomplished actors who have called Washington home!

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Sure, Washington is known for Amazon, coffee, wine, apples, grunge music, Microsoft, and Boeing. But you may not know how many actors and actresses have come from the Evergreen State. Yeah, our state has had an impact on the television and film industry. We've got A-listers, an Oscar winner, and faces of big franchises.

Check out our list below, I'm sure you'll find some surprises.

Gallery Credit: Pete Christensen

A-Z: Celebrities You Didn't Know Were From Washington

Who knew Washington state was home to so many celebrities? So many, in fact, that it was really hard to pick who made the list. There were so many athletes and musicians to choose from that we started to look in other directions. We did have one rule, however. There are no serial killers or career criminals on this list. I would like to thank Jeff Deminski from New Jersey for this wonderful idea.

Gallery Credit: Pete Christensen

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