With more people moving to Washington state from states like Idaho, Montana, and Oregon, the search is on for the most cheapest places to live within our state. If you’re on the hunt for something purchasing a home that is small and low-cost, here are the top 3 most affordable zip codes to buy a home in Washington.



The three cheapest homes currently on the market in these cities average around $159,000. Each of the towns are known for their scenic natural beauty, from huge dams, small-town vibes, waterfront shopping, indoor and outdoor recreational activities for families, and agricultural delights in restaurants, wineries, and breweries.



Having smaller populations help keep the cost of housing low but at least two of these towns are finding affordable housing options extremely difficult to locate. Becoming a homeowner is increasingly becoming an attractive option in these three Washington cities.



If you want to own a cheap home in one of these three affordable zip codes, expect it to be a fixer-upper. There is nothing fancy about the cheapest homes in these towns, but with a lotta bit of love, DIY savvy, and an investment of some time, your low-cost home could become a gem, especially if you wish to resale it down the road.

Top 3 Cheapest Zip Codes to Buy a Home in WA

Let’s look at the 3 most affordable zip codes for buying homes in Washington. We’ll take a look at the city population, the cheapest house currently for sale on the market there, plus things to do and a couple of famous celebrities from each city.

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