Deck the Laws: The Unprecedented Move That Rocked Washington State

It's hard to imagine anyone banning Christmas decorations but yes Washington State has done it before.

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Washington State's Surprise Ban on Christmas Decorations Sends Shockwaves Through the Holidays

I know what you are thinking, maybe Washington State banned decorations at the turn of the 1900s or something like that but shockingly the Christmas decorations ban happened in 2022.

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I'm sure you are shaking your head on how this is possible but Washington State ended up winning the coveted (*sarcasm) Ebenezer Scrooge award in the winter of '.22

According to the website, King County in 2022 sent a memo from the Department of Human Resources that told employees that they should not display nativity sets, menorahs, and other religious holiday displays because they could be offensive to their colleagues.  

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Imagine working from home and being on a Zoom call. King County employees weren't allowed to have their backgrounds reflect anything religious.

The employees weren't banned from showing snowflakes, trees, and wreaths but anything symbolizing religious signs wasn't allowed.

No word on the current state of the Christmas decorations ban in King County but several websites and activists have called for the 1st amendment rights to be upheld.

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(Think Stock)

I know we live in different times where most people are offended quickly. Still, it's sad to see that one's work area and background screen could be considered offensive by some especially when it comes to Christmas - a time we should be kind to our fellow man but like always, someone is looking for a fight.

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