After such a strong start to the snow season, things have turned quiet, and a little discouraging when it comes to Washington’s snowpack.


“Statewide we're sitting at 92% of normal; that is down from 106% just one month ago.  And that's just the fact that we just have not received anywhere near normal snowpack, snowfall through the month of January now coming into February.”


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Scott Pattee with NRCS-Washington said the problem is the same across the entire state, storms that were hitting Washington in November and December have been missing the region for the past four-plus weeks.  That has resulted in only three basins that are above average for this time of year, and the North Puget Sound only 78% of average for this time of year.  Pattee added that every day that goes by and the region does not receive normal snowfall, or more, water users fall further behind.


“You know, right now we're sitting in that normal, to near normal range, slightly below normal range, and in most areas.  And so I don't see you know being a big concern as of yet, so I think we're just going to have to keep our eye on it.” 


Pattee added there is still a lot of the snow year left, the apex of the season doesn’t typically hit until April 1st.  But he pointed out that it mater managers should start planning for a spring and summer that could be challenging for irrigators and other water users.



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