The Department of Commerce announced that a Canadian manufacturer of plant-based meat alternative products, No Meat Factory will open a new production facility in Stanwood, Washington. The new plant will reopen a facility which was previously occupied by Twin City Foods before being closed in 2017.

This revamped facility will allow No Meat Factory to meet  the growing demand for plant-based meat alternative products. The company looks to invest $20 million for renovations and improvements. The Stanwood facility will produce a full line of convenience products, including veggie burgers and nuggets, a veggie-based ground beef substitute, seafood alternatives and extruded products, such as sausages and wieners.

This investment in Stanwood was made possible thanks to a $200,000 state economic development grant to Economic Alliance Snohomish County to support site engineering and development costs, as well as initial upgrades to the plant.

Chris Green, Assistant Director for Commerce's Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness says, “Manufacturing is an important part of the state’s economy. No Meat Factory will provide the community with living wage jobs and support additional economic vitality in the area as the company continues to grow and expand its U.S. operations.”

No Meat Factory, Stanwood, will add additional manufacturing capacity for convenience products, and provide additional manufacturing capabilities for plant-based deli and sausage alternatives.

According to No Meat Factory's website, they blend the joy of upscale cookery with the mindfulness of doing something good for you and the Earth.

Personally, plant-based meat alternatives shall never be placed in my body...ever.

Top 20 Best Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in America

WalletHub recently completed a study of 2023's Best Cities for St. Patrick's Day. They took a number of factors into consideration... like number of Irish Pubs, restaurants per capita, and even lowest price for a 3-star hotel.

Below is their results, compiling all of their research into a Top 20 list. Good news, you might not have to travel far at all for a great St. Patrick's Day party this year!

Gallery Credit: Carl

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