A 22-year old Pasco man faces charges in connection with an early morning shooting Friday in Pasco.

At around 4:00am, Pasco Police officers on patrol heard several shots fired in the area of N. 11th Avenue and Astor Way.

As officers searched for a source for the gunshots, several residents in the area called in reports of the gunshots, helping officers narrow down the location.

Investigators came across spent shell casings in front of a home on 11th, along with a Jeep with at least one window shot out.

A short time later, officers spotted a man with a long rifle on the front porch of a home in the 1800 block of 11th Ave., and ordered him to drop the weapon and surrender.

Instead, the man ducked inside of the home, setting the stage for an hours-long stand-off.

According to Sgt. Scott Warren say Pasco Police called in SWAT officers from surrounding agencies who were already on duty, and secured a search warrant.

Before officers could serve the warrant, the suspected gunman and two others inside the house surrendered peacefully.

Police searched the home and located the firearm, an AR-15 that was reported stolen in 2017.

Cristian Olivera was booked into the Franklin County jail on charges of possession of a stolen weapon. Other charges could be filed as part of the investigation.

The other two men who were inside the home were questioned and released.

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