During the 2022 WA state legislative session, a bill was proposed to create a social equity program that would help 'disadvantaged' persons or persons of color acquire pot store licenses and set up shops.

However, HB 2022 did not pass. According to Crosscut and other outlets, the bill faced stiff opposition in the legislature.

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The bill would allow the state to increase the number of pot licenses, which apparently have been 'frozen' for several years. The plan would focus on the previously mentioned social groups to get them into pot shops.

  Now, Liquor Control appears to be trying to set up rules to make it happen

August 3, the LCB took action on this proposal. From an informational release by LCB:

"Approved proposed rulemaking (CR 102) regarding amendments to existing rules and a new rule section that would establish the Social Equity in Cannabis program in response to recommendations of the Social Equity in Cannabis Task Force, and other statutory requirements."

They also went on to say:

"The public hearing on this rule proposal will be held during the regularly scheduled Board meeting on September 14, 2022 at 10AM."

It appears these licenses would be 'taken' or granted from ones that are available because of forfeiture, revocation, or cancellation by the LCB, as well as licenses that were not previously issued by the board and would not exceed the established limit.

If you wish to comment on this proposal, you can do so by clicking here.


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