(Union, NJ) -- The Kennewick location of the national chain Bed Bath and Beyond will close. It's all part of the beleaguered company's plans to close another 150 stores nationwide. That brings 400 stores shuttered by the struggling retail chain in the past year or so  --  nearly half its total brick-and-mortar stores.  The New Jersey based company is trying to hold off from filing for bankruptcy.  It's is hoping to raise one-billion-dollars in a last ditch effort. It's unclear when exactly the Kennewick location will close or how many local jobs will be impacted by the closure.

The stores were known for their kitchen accessories, bath sundries and later on, lifestyle and home appliances and gadgets, along with 20-percent off coupons that would often be mailed to households. The company was founded in 1971 in Springfield, New Jersey and is currently headquartered in Union, NJ.The Coronavirus pandemic caused a downturn in much of it's business, as did online shopping.

You can see the full list of store closings here Bed Bath and Beyond National Store Closing List

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