Illegal dumping has resulted in some North Richland residents having to look for other locations to recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, and other materials.

Richland pulls large recycling bins from a location.

The city and Richland Police reported Wednesday the big recycling bins at the city station near Spengler and George Washington Way have been relocated, and that site has been closed.


bins pulled due to illegal dumping (City of Richland)
bins pulled due to illegal dumping (City of Richland)

The city apologized to North Richland residents but said increasing persistent illegal dumping forced them to take action. RPD posted some pictures of stacks of mattresses and other garbage found at the site.

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The City said the move was necessary to ensure keeping the area clean, sanitary and safe.  According to the City, they offered alternative recycling station locations:

"...nearby recycling locations include the south end of the Uptown Shopping Center and the Horn Rapids Landfill. Homeowners can also obtain a blue recycling container that is collected curbside every two weeks for only $7.70 a month."

The City says these recycling bins are gone from this location for good.


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