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Officials say it is due to a holdover from COVID-19, and now in the Pacific Northwest, blood supplies needed for emergency purposes are critically low.

Dept of Health urges people to donate

The Washington State Department of Health released information Wednesday, October 25th indicating the need is critical.

Authorities say during the COVID pandemic blood donation rates plummeted, but have not rebounded to match the demand.  These blood supplies are needed for emergency surgeries, or other health-related issues requiring an immediate supply of blood.

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The DOH and Red Cross are urging people to consider becoming a blood donor or resuming if they did before.

According to the DOH, there are several types of blood that are especially in need:

"The shortages are particularly severe for types O and Rh negative blood, and for platelets."

There are a variety of blood donation locations in Mid-Columbia, and they can be located by clicking here for Richland,  click here for Pasco, and here for Kennewick.


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