According to information from the SPS (Seattle Public Schools) District, by 2024-25 school year, they could see some schools close and consolidate with others due to dropping enrolments.

   Some sources describe the numbers as plummeting on Wednesday reported according to the SPS, the district is facing a $131 million dollar shortfall as numbers continue to drop from 2019-2020 pre-COVID figures.

All schools in WA and elsewhere receive Federal funding based on their public school enrollments, and now SPS is reeling from that as well. cited comments from  Chad Magendanz, a former Washington State House Rep, who said statewide enrolment has dropped 4 percent over the last 3 years, it's down 11 percent in the Bellevue Schools, 8.5 percent in Seattle.

   Officials say parents have more options now reports SPS officials believed the pandemic enrolment drops would rebound, but apparently, they have not. In wealthier areas of the city, and King County, a lot more students are now attending private schools. This does not bode well for the future. According to 

"In their five-year projection, SPS staffers project that the district could have as many as 48,515 students or as few as 45,017."

Officials say there would not be closures or consolidations likely until 2024-25, but in Bellevue, there is a plan involving shutting at least three elementary schools, and perhaps consolidating a total of seven.

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There could also be plans from the SPS and perhaps other Districts to try to get more money from the state.

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