Where Are The Best Places To Go For River Floatation In Washington state?

As a poor kid growing up in Washington State, one of the places you could go for cheap was the river. I grew up in the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley where we had the Snake River right at our back door.

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Here Are Our Top Seven Picks For River Floating In Washington State

We are also lucky here in the Tri-Cities to have both the Snake and Yakima along with the Columbia River as places you can go float but I thought it would be fun to pick out seven other places in Washington State that are known to have some lazy rivers for a good float day.

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Here are seven other fun and lazy rivers worth floating down and checking out during summer.

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As you can see from the list, I think we put together a list of rivers that you might not be familiar with so if you are road-tripping this summer, these rivers would make for some fun places to check out.

If you have a great place to float, let us know in the comments below

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