Aberdeen Police have located the person they believe was the driver of the second vehicle involved in the fatal hit and run accident on January 4th.  The arrest was made Monday afternoon.

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49 year old Jeffrey Steven Foster of Cosmopolis was taken in to custody and booked in  the Grays Harbor County Jail.  He faces the same charges as 46 year old Robert Brett Paylor of Hoquiam who was arrested Friday.

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Those charges are Vehicular Assault and Hit and Run Injury/Death.  The dual hit and run happened around 5pm last Wednesday in the intersection of Simpson Ave. and N. Scammel St.  The sun had set and it was raining at the time of the accident that took the life of a 31 year old man.

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Getty images

Foster is currently being held in Grays Harbor County Jail without bail.  Paylor was released earlier today (January 10th) on Personal recognizance after four days in Jail.

The investigation is ongoing and Aberdeen Police are still seeking information from anyone who can provide additional detail. If you have any information that can add to this investigation, you are asked to call 360-533-3180 extension 8444 or email Sgt. Dave Cox at dcox@aberdeenwa.gov.

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