One driver in the fatal hit and run last Wednesday at the the intersection of Simpson Ave. and N Scammel St. has been arrested and the other vehicle involved was located by Aberdeen Police over the weekend.

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APD, with the help of the Montesano Police Department, located and apprehended 46 year old Robert Brett Paylor of Hoquiam on Friday, January 6th.  APD then was able to located the second vehicle involved in the hit and run (pictured below), also on Friday, in Cosmopolis.

attachment-aberdeen vehicle
Second vehicle involved in fatal Hit and Run

Paylor was booked in to the Grays Harbor County jail, without bail, on charges of vehicular assault along with felony hit and run resulting in injury/death.The vehicle was seized to be processed as evidence in the investigation.  Aberdeen police are still searching for the driver of the second vehicle as the investigation continues.

If you have any information to help investigators in this case or can offer any assistance in identifying the driver of the second vehicle, please call 360-533-3180 extension 8444 or email Sgt. Dave Cox at

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