Life gets busy, life gets stressful and life also get's fun.

Let's not life distract us though when we are driving.

By now you may know that Washington State has the "Distracted Driving" Laws.

-No handheld devices

-Don't text and drive

What are some things we may not think of though when it comes to safely driving?

How awake are you really?

Tired? Kind of tired? Being tired and driving is the equivalent to drinking and driving imo.

5 Signs You Are Too Tired to Drive in Washington State

Now, let's factor in the weather of Washington State vs driving conditions.

Hate driving in the snow? Here are times to be mindful

The 13 Actual Seasons of Washington State

Back to the laws though.

Do all Washington state laws make sense?

Yes and no, I mean depends on which ones you mean.

The 5 Most Confusing Washington State Driving Laws

Now let's say you are a very "defensive driver" meaning

You drive like you are getting to the place with no one stopping you, all other can move out of the way.

Then, well, this next list is really for you.

List: 2023’s 10 Best & Worst Washington State Cities to Drive in

A new survey for 2023 reveals the Best and Worst Washington State cities to drive in.

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals

Keep calm and reduce the road rage by avoiding some of those cities above.

Just keeping EVERYONE safe.

As a born and raised Washington State Local, I just absolutely love the winding roads, back hills, mountains to explore and sights to see.

Washington is easily one of the most beautiful states to be in.

To travel in, you will be in awe. Just do it legally and safely. Pack the snacks, bring the water and make sure your car safety kit is up to par, then go have a ball!


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