Washington Has 3 of the 7 Cheapest Grocery Stores in America

A lot of us are doing our best to stretch every dollar we earn. My family relies on a monthly budget that guides us on how much money we spend in every area of our life.

If you want to get more and spend less at the grocery store, consider shifting your buying to the 3 stores found on the list of seven cheapest grocery stores in America by US News and World Report. 

So what are the three grocery stores found in Washington State?

The grocery store coming in highest (for best value) on the list…coming in at #3 is WinCo Foods. 

Wenatchee Wants A WinCo (Via FacebooK)
Wenatchee Wants A WinCo (Via FacebooK)

I love taking advantage of their great produce, seafood and meat department. Plus, its hard to beat their amazing wednesday sushi deals! Make sure to bring your cash, debit or EBT card (Electronic Benefits Transfer ‘EBT Card’ for government food benefits.) WinCo keeps the price of groceries down by not allowing credit card payments. You can find WinCo Foods in most of the state of Washington. With two in North Central Washington (Moses Lake and most recently in Wenatchee.)

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market ranks #6 on the “List for Cheapest 7 Grocery Stores in America.

Grocery Outlet (1616 North Wenatchee Avenue, Wenatchee, WA) via Facebook
Grocery Outlet (1616 North Wenatchee Avenue, Wenatchee, WA) via Facebook

We love getting our groceries here. In addition to their low prices, you can find unique food items and take advantage of their amazing wine and beer selection. You can find a Grocery Outlet Bargain Market store in about every corner of Washington State, including 5 in North Central Washington (Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Ephrata, Okanogan & Omak.)

At number 7 is Costco Wholesale.

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If you’re trying to keep up feeding your family or finding great clothing for the kids and your significant other, Costco is the way to go. We also try and gas up, at Costco. They usually have the cheapest gas in the area. Costco Wholesale locations are easy to spot all over the Puget Sound area. East of the mountains, you’ll find a Costco location in Yakima, East Wenatchee, the Tri-Cities and two in Spokane.

INFO: US News and World Report

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