Gov. Inslee has announced the COVID vaccination employment mandate will be lifted for state workers on Thursday, May 11th.

Vax mandate lifted for cabinet, executive agencies as well

The information from the Governor's office indicates the COVID mandate will end for what are called cabinet agencies. These are the 32 state agencies that help enforce laws in the state. They include the Arts Commission, Liquor and Cannabis Board, Energy Site Evaluation Council, Blind Services, Traffic Safety Commission and more.

It will also apply to what are called executive agencies, these 24 groups also administer laws and regulations. They include the State Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Employment Security, and more.

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This follows his also ending the vax mandate for current or future WA state workers. The vax mandate was in place for over two years and resulted in significant staff losses in the Department of Transportation among snowplow drivers, and ferry captains, and also large shortfalls in the Washington State Patrol.

However, Inslee said the budget he will be signing will include potential bonuses of up to $1,000 for workers who can provide proof of vaccination. More details were said to be released about that soon.

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