One thing that is nice this time of year is there is always something to do over the weekends. BBQs, concerts, events, festivals, art shows—definitely always something to do. One of my favorite things that come up is racing; something about loud cars going fast just speaks to my inner Merican!

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June 15

This weekend, June 15, is another great racing event at the Hermiston Raceway. The Northwest Super Late Model Series is the headliner for this race, along with Midway Legends, Hornets, Hobby Stocks, and Mini Stocks.

Fun Night For All

It should be a fun night for all. Tickets are affordable and available on the Hermiston Raceway website and also at the gate. The doors open at 4, and the races start at 6.

Best Food in Town

I, for one, have determined that any time I go to Hermiston, I now go to my new favorite place, Hale's Tavern. An extraordinary eatery with portions to last for a couple of days, and it won’t break the bank. It’s one of my fiancée’s favorite places growing up, and she finally took me to it recently. Now, it's on my must-go list anytime I can.

So this weekend, head over to Oregon and enjoy some good grub and a fun race.

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