PASCO, Wash.-- Dr. Darien Heap is a Hanford High School graduate, who now works as a gastroenterologist in the Olympia area, where he lives with his wife, a critical care doctor, and their young son.

"She's been quite a bit busier as of late, as you can imagine, and there have been a lot of nights that she's been away from home, so I've been doing a lot more reading in the evening with my son, Dr. Heap told Newsradio 610 KONA. "When he started asking questions about all the changes, my first response was, well, he loves reading. Let me find a book."

But there were no books to be found. So, with encouragement from friends, he set out to write one. The result was a colorful children's picture book titled, "When Can We Play Again."

The working cover for the book, "When Will We Play Again?" by Hanford High
grad, Dr. Darien Heap, illustrated by Hanford High grad, Corey D. Macourek.

Along the way, he started working with illustrator and fellow Hanford High grad, Corey Macourek.

The book is in the final stages of editing before it can head to a printer for publishing. Dr. Heap expects the book to be available as an ebook, paperback, and hardcover when it's made available this summer.

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