June 28 marks International Food Truck Day. Exciting, right? I, for one, think it's kind of neat that we have a day dedicated to the hardworking 30,000-plus men and women slinging some of the State's favorite dishes from the back of a truck. We've talked about it on here before Swampy's BBQ started its journey as a food truck, and now they are a full-fledged brick-and-mortar. 


Swampys BBQ Pits
Lodge Production

Swampys BBQ


It's great to see so many food trucks here in Washington because it means people aren't stuck in the rut of the corporate monsters that offer up mediocre food at an expensive price. I know anytime I want a burger, I'm not looking at going to Red Robin. They have endless fries—big whoop—but the food is overpriced and the burger sucks. No, I go over to the truck slinging the best burgers in town: Hot Mess Burgers & Fries. 

Hot Mess Burger

 A Hub

With the creation of great places like Summer's Hub of Kennewick, these hardworking chefs can really spread their wings and fly (so to speak). They are able to work on making great food without worrying about where they are going to park or how they are going to get attention. At the Hub, they get a leg up. 

The Summer Hub Kennewick
The Summer Hub Kennewick

The Summer Hub Kennewick


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Night Out

Go out tonight, and this weekend, visit some awesome food trucks. Try something you have never had before, give them a good review or some love on social media, and make sure you give them a tip—they deserve it! 

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