The Grim Reaper saunters into a classroom, scythe in hand, and selects the next drunk driving victim.

Firefighters and paramedics then enter the room lay the "dead" teen a stretcher, cover him with a white sheet, and roll him out of the classroom.

The exercise happened every 15 minutes at Southridge High School on Thursday.

"It's an example to the students about what it's really like to lose a friend to DUI," said Washington State Patrol Trooper Chris Thorson.

Officers talk to the teens about the dangers of drunk and drugged driving, sharing the details of real drunk driving-related crashes that resulted in death.

"We also give students the example of what we go through when we go the house of a victim, talking to the parents and what the families of the victims go through."

Law enforcement and fire agencies will hold similar Every 15 Minutes demonstrations at Kennewick and Kamiakin High Schools later this month.