Watch Out! Here are Washington’s 10 Most Stolen Vehicles

Thieves tend to go after older vehicles.

Why? The older parts have more value. Newer models tend to have better anti-theft devices. 

Nationwide, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reported: The 2004 full size Chevrolet Pick-Up was most stolen last year. (Summer 2022 “HOT WHEELS” report)

In Washington state, the top 10 most commonly stolen cars include vehicle years 

▪ 1999 Ford Pick-Up (full size). 

▪ 1998 Honda Civic. 

▪ 1997 Honda Accord. 

▪ 1999 Chevrolet Pick-Up (full size). 

▪ 2000 Honda CR-V. 

▪ 1999 Toyota Camry. 

▪ 1998 Subaru Legacy. 

▪ 2001 Dodge Pick-Up (full size). 

▪ 1999 Toyota Corolla. 

▪ 1998 Ford Pick-Up (small size)

Whether you own an older or newer vehicle, here are some great tips that your dad and the NW Insurance Council offer up to you:

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Creative Services
  • Keep your doors locked and windows completely rolled up. And obviously, don't leave your dogs or small humans in a hot car.


  • Remove keys from the ignition or take your fob with you, even when briefly stepping away from your car. It only takes a few seconds.


  • Keep valuable items such as bags, purses, cell phones and briefcases out of sight. If you’re traveling and need to step inside a restaurant, throw a towel or blanket over your bags (usually found in the back cargo area of my car.)


  • Always park your vehicle in well-lit areas. (I’ll also try and park on a busy street…I’d rather park on the street then on an out of sight, overflow parking area in the back.)


  • Always activate your vehicle’s security or alarm system when parked. You gotta just hit the button - BLEEEP, BLEEEP. Every single time.


  • Before buying a new vehicle, check with your insurance company to find out which vehicles have the highest risk of being stolen. Got a car on the "most stolen list?" Think about investing in a anti-theft club device that fits on your steering wheel.


  • The National Insurance Crime Bureau also recommends four layers of protection for auto theft: 1) Common Sense 2) Warning Devices, 3) Immobilizing Devices and 4) Tracking Devices. 


You can anonymously report an auto theft by calling: 

toll-free 1-800- TEL-NICB (1-800-835-6422) 

or by submitting a form with the National Insurance Crime Bureau.


INFO SOURCE: National Insurance Crime Bureau, Northwest Insurance Council



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