(Richland, WA) -- Authorities say a man wanted in connection with several burglaries is in jail after being caught Tuesday night. It all began that morning when the Richland Police Department cited Clemente Herrera just outside of the Circle K at George Washington Way and Symons. He had been accused of stealing $8.00 worth of food. Officers responding to the scene cited Herrera for theft and released him. Later that day, the victim of a vehicle prowl who was reviewing surveillance video posted the image of someone who officers identified as Herrera. They were able to link him to several other vehicle prowls that went down in North Richland in a 24 hour period.

That night, the Richland Police Department were called to the Richland Library for a trespass in progress. They found Herrera along with several debit cards that did not belong to him. He was taken into custody on Resisting Arrest and Trespass. They also found Air Pods on him from another vehicle prowl.

Police say they are still following up on a couple of additional cases and they are now requesting Herrera’s other misdemeanor vehicle prowl charges be upgraded to felonies.

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