When it comes to amusement parks, I am the go-kart, bumper boat, and games kind of guy. The most intense ride you will see me on is the teacups. So you understand the shiver I got down my spine when I read about the Oaks Amusement Park this past weekend. In Portland, Oregon, Oaks Amusement Park faced a dramatic situation when their "AtmosFEAR" ride malfunctioned, leaving 28 riders suspended upside down for 25 minutes. Emergency responders arrived and manually brought the ride back to the ground. 


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I was seeing video from the park, with people on other rides saying, “I don't think that is supposed to be up there that long.” Witnesses described scenes of distress among riders, with some sharing emotional experiences of fear and relief upon being rescued. Despite the ordeal, there were no major injuries reported apart from one person taken to the hospital as a precaution due to pre-existing conditions. 


Oaks Park officials

Oaks Park officials expressed gratitude to responders and guests for their cooperation and swift actions. The ride will remain closed until investigations, in collaboration with the manufacturer and state inspectors, determine the cause of the malfunction. 

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