McKenzie Pass,  in Bend, is currently closed for paving on its east side, with plans to reopen the freshly paved sections by July 4. Construction crews are  working to ensure a timely completion, focusing primarily on the eastern section of the pass. Although the west side remains closed beyond Linton Lake due to limited turnaround space, efforts are in place to ensure safety and efficiency during the construction process.  


Once Pass Opens

Once the paved pass opens above the gate, minor delays may still occur as final tasks such as striping and signage installation take place. Paving work on the east side section below the gate will continue through July, managed with single lane closures and flaggers to minimize disruptions. While everyone eagerly awaits the reopening after a long winter, it's crucial to adhere to road closures for safety reasons.  


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Sisters to Dee Wright Observatory

The project, funded by a Federal Lands Access Program grant, aims to enhance road quality from Sisters to Dee Wright Observatory summit. However, unforeseen circumstances, like extreme weather, could potentially affect the reopening schedule. 

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