The arson suspect behind the Lake Chelan fire last summer was sentenced to 75 months in prison Wednesday.

18-year-old Connor Leo Strange pled guilty to first-degree arson and two counts of second-degree assault.

Last July, Strange led a police pursuit against Chelan County Sheriff’s Office deputies through Chelan. 

Strange hid in a barn at the Lake Chelan Rodeo Grounds, lit a fire inside the building which sparked an explosion.

Chelan County Sheriff’s Office deputies Will Tuengel and Cyrus Bowthorpe sustained concussions from the explosion.

Strange was previously recommended a five-year prison sentence, a lower sentence due to the fact that Strange was 17 years old at the time of the incident.

Deputy Bowthorpe delivered a victim impact statement, where he agreed with the charges given to Strange, but did not agree with the recommended sentence.

Chelan County Superior Court Judge Travis Brandt took in account of the victims involved in this case and ruled that the recommended sentence was “not acceptable.”

Once released, Strange will have to serve 18 months in community custody.

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