Wahluke School District (google street view)
Wahluke School District (google street view)

The Wahluke School District (WSD) and the Grant County Sheriff's Office did not specify which school was threatened.

Student expelled over online threat

No specific time or school was mentioned, but the Wahluke District and the GCSO say a math teacher in the WSD was the target of an online threat. It was discovered on Monday, May 15th.

The WSD immediately notified the Grant County Sheriff's Office and began an investigation. They were quickly able to locate the source of the online threat, and the GCSO reported Tuesday the student was contacted, arrested, and give an emergency expulsion from the District.

No other persons apparently were threatened. Officials did not specify which of the schools the teacher worked at.  The GCSO says the student will be charge appropriately concerning the situation.

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Wahluke is a smaller District in Grant County that serves Mattawa, Beverly, Desert Aire, and other surrounding communities. The high school has about 488 students, and is a 1 "A" school in WA State sports-activities. The school is located in Mattawa.

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