Tifffany Smiley (L) Patty Murray (R) (smiley for Wa, getty images)
Tifffany Smiley (L) Patty Murray (R) (smiley for Wa, getty images)

For the first time in years, perhaps in her career, incumbent Congressional Senator Patty Murray is having to fight for re-election, due to the growing strength of her challenger, Tiffany Smiley.  Several polls have the two neck-and-neck heading toward the November election.

   Oct. 23rd Debate at Gonzaga University

This weekend, the two will square off in a debate at Gonzaga University, starting at 5 PM. This event will likely showcase their positions better than a TownHall event taking place next weekend, October 30th.

The debate is being held by the Washington Debate Coalition and will happen at the Myrtle Woldson Performing Arts Center on the GU campus.

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It will be televised online by TVW, which is essentially the C-Span of Washington state. There will be a TownHall event on October 30th aired on KIRO TV out of Seattle, but there are some media observers who say a one-on-one debate shows their positions better.

To be taken directly to the TVW page showing the calendar and event, click here. 

When you open the link at TVW, then you will see a button labeled "video" that will open up the viewing of the event.

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