An unusual theft is being investigated by the Adams County Sheriff's Office.

Trailer stolen with orchard ladders

The ACSO is looking to locate the suspects and the items they took from a location in the 2200 block of Bench Road, just southwest of Othello.

Deputies say suspect(s) stole the special trailer used to haul orchard ladders. These ladders are more expensive than standard extension models. Prices range anywhere  from $200 to $300-plus dollars, sometimes even more. The ACSO says the theft was reported Monday, June 17th.

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The ACSO says the stolen ladders are painted green on the top and bottom, likely to help identify them. Deputies believe the suspect(s) will try to sell them to other orchards.

The value of the 40 stolen ladders is estimated to be at least $10K. Anyone who may have any information can anonymously report it by calling (509)-659-1122.

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