For a few years now, some online universities have been giving tuition credits to students based on their work experience and knowledge. It helps cut down the number of classes they have to take. Now, that concept is being flipped by businesses.

  McDonalds, Walmart offering credit for work.

  According to NPR, Mcdonald's and Walmart are working with a number of educational entities to allow workers who achieve certain levels of experience and knowledge to get college credit for it.

Walmart Academy is a new program that allows workers who achieve certain levels of experience and competence to have it transferred into college credit, where applicable. If a cashier or manager achieves certain levels of competence and experience, it can knock off college credits and shorten their educational process--making it more affordable.

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McDonald's is working on similar programs. These mostly apply to business or other related degrees, but the trend is growing especially with the rising cost of higher education.

Experts say in certain careers, the college diploma will soon become more of a resume or competency sheet, showing what skills and capabilities a worker has as opposed to what subjects they studied or learned in college.

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