Microsoft, Redmondy WA (Getty)
Microsoft, Redmondy WA (Getty)

According to reports, Microsoft says it's part of their overall global strategy.

  Hundreds more workers were let go in Seattle and Microsoft sources reported Tuesday, March 7th, that another 684 workers would be let go from the company's Redmond headquarters.

According to the tech website GeekWire, it's part of over 10K layoffs worldwide. The Redmond-Seattle area total now stands at 2,184.

This is the third round of such layoffs since January, Geekwire says Microsoft planned them in the first quarter of 2023.  The reason for the dismissals is due to sluggish revenue growth from December, and what GeekWire said were "new levels of caution" from Microsoft's business partners.

 GeekWire says the Microsoft moves are not the only ones being made, as Facebook's parent company Meta, Amazon, and others are shedding some workers.


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