So much attention has been focused on the US southern border, but now officials are saying over the last few years, illegal entries from Canada are exploding.

   Report says known or suspected terrorists are among the numbers

 The Center Square reports according to Customs and Border Patrol data, record numbers of illegal entries are being attempted on the US-Canadian border.

These numbers have escalated during the Biden Administration. The number for May, 18,644 foreign nationals attempting to cross, broke that month's all-time northern record.

According to The Center Square:

'In the first eight months of fiscal 2024, more than 99,000 were apprehended after illegally entering through the northern border, according to CBP data. If the current trajectory continues, the numbers are on track to surpass fiscal 2023 apprehensions of 147,666."

This includes what are called known or suspected terrorists, or kst.  That number has increased from 143 to 199 during fiscal year 2024, which began last October.

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The busiest section of the US-Canada illegal crossing area is a 295 mile span called the Swanton Sector, which includes Vermont, New Hampshire, and six New York state counties that border Canada.

According to The Center Square:

"The U.S.-Canada border is the longest international border in the world of 5,525 miles. Unlike the U.S.-Mexico border, there are no border walls or similar barriers separating the U.S. from Canada and most of the northern border is unmanned and unpatrolled."



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