Grant County Deputies were able to apprehend a drunk driving suspect, but not before he led officers on a wild chase Tuesday.

  Man was first spotted banging on the door of a home

Quincy Police got a call about a suspicious man who was knocking on the door of a home in the 1900 block of 9th Ave. Southwest in town. He then tried to enter the home before getting in his car and driving away.

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However, after Quincy Police pulled him over to speak with him, he sped away and led officers on a chase through town. Quincy Police terminated their pursuit and the GCSO took over after the suspect headed into a rural part of the county.

The driver refused to stop, made a U-turn, then sped away towards I-90, entering the freeway near George, and he was driving towards oncoming traffic. But when he tried one more U-turn, a GCSO Deputy was able to disable his car using a pit maneuver, sending him spinning off the road.

The driver, identified as Cruz J. Terrazas Barrera, 34 of Quincy, was arrested and is in the Grant County Jail on charges of DUI and Felony Eluding Officers. The investigation continues.

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