Boeing has accepted a plea deal with the US Government that will enable them to avoid a criminal trial related to two fatal 737 Max crashes.

  Boeing will plead guilty to a criminal fraud charge

According to

"The case goes back to the crashes in Indonesia and in Ethiopia. The Lion Air pilots in the first crash did not know about flight-control software that could push the nose of the plane down without their input. The pilots for Ethiopian Airlines knew about it but were unable to control the plane when the software activated based on information from a faulty sensor."

A total of 346 persons died in the accidents. Boeing will pay an additional $243.6 million dollar fine besides some it was already issued in 2021.  According to

"An independent monitor would be named to oversee Boeing’s safety and quality procedures for three years. The deal also requires Boeing to invest at least $455 million in its compliance and safety programs."

This deal does not cover Boeing going forward, including the door cover that blew off a 737 leaving Portland for California earlier this year. Fortunately, no one died in that incident. According to MyNorthwest: (regarding the door cover blowoff)

"Pilots landed the 737 Max safely and no one was seriously injured, but the incident led to closer scrutiny of the company. The Justice Department opened a new investigation, the FBI told passengers on the Alaska plane that they might be victims of a crime and the FAA said it was stepping up oversight of Boeing."

Boeing has faced increased scrutiny over the years for its quality insurance and control, and recently obtained control again over Spirit Aerosystems, its chief parts supplier, after spinning it off a number of years ago.

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