The National Weather Service is warning about the heat over the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend!


Washington State Braces for Intense and Prolonged Heat Wave

As much of the western United States prepares for a severe heat wave this summer, Washington State is also gearing up for extreme temperatures expected, especially in the next few days. The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued hot forecasts, predicting record-breaking highs and prolonged periods of scorching heat that could extend through the holiday weekend and into next week.

A heat wave, characterized by a persistent and expansive heat dome, is poised to affect most of the West Coast, including Washington State. High temperatures are expected to soar into the triple digits in inland areas, with coastal regions experiencing highs above 90°F. This pattern not only threatens to strongly break daily and monthly temperature records but also raises big concerns about the health and safety of residents as summer hits.

This level of high temperatures can be deadly, especially for people without effective cooling or have medical conditions. The risk level for heat-related illnesses is expected to reach extreme levels, causing urgent advisories from meteorologists to take precautions while celebrating the 4th of July holiday.

This issue is partly to blame on the heat dome phenomenon, a strong area of high pressure moving in from the Pacific that suppresses cloud formations and creates dry and hot conditions. This weather pattern will also increase the likelihood of severe wildfire conditions in California, Oregon, and Washington.


Multiple Consecutive Days Over 100° Expected

Meteorologists predict that cities like Spokane and Yakima could experience consecutive days with temperatures over 100°F, setting new benchmark records for July heat streaks. The long length of the heat wave, combined with minimal nighttime cooling, increases the risk to public health, especially for vulnerable populations or people without access to air conditioning.

Authorities are urging residents to adopt heat safety measures over the weekend. Recommendations include limiting outdoor activities during peak heat hours, staying hydrated, and seeking out local cooling centers if necessary. Officials are also warning of the heightened wildfire risks because of a wet winter and warm June, and advise against activities that might spark fires...IE fireworks.

As Washington State braces for potentially record-breaking temperatures and extended heat exposure, these measures will be crucial to keep the public and your family safe. Stay informed of local weather updates or changes and take steps to protect your family from the dangers posed by this heat wave as you celebrate our nation's birthday.

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