Valentine's Day is supposed to be the day we show those who we love just how much they mean to us. Each year, American's spend over a billion dollars on Valentine's Day related bic-a-brack, flowers and over-priced dinners of varying quality. In all reality, it is a useless day, full of unnecessary, overly commercial and hollow gestures . You should treat your loved one's like it is Valentine's Day every day of the year.

With that being established, allow me to suggest something new: 1911 Day.

For it was February 14th of 1911 that one John Moses Browning received the patent for one of the longest standing firearm designs known to man. The 1911 semi-auto pistol, chambered in .45 ACP has been seen by many as one of the quintessential pistols of the 20th century.

The pistol was widely utilized in both World War's I & II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The 1911 was a favorite of some British commando units and Britain's highly covert Special Operations Executive, as well as South African Commonwealth forces, as well. Overall the pistol was in US military service from its inception in 1911 all the way until the 1980's. These days, most of the older military veterans you see every day are carrying a 1911 in their holster as their every day carry.

A facet of note: the initial designs of John Moses Browning were so revolutionary in the 1911, that the firearm has seen little to no modification of its operating system since.

These day's, many companies manufacture very high quality 1911's, and now you can even get your hands on a variation called a 2011, which is chambered in 9mm, instead of .45 ACP.

So, this Valentine's Day forego the traditional flowers, chocolates and over priced dinner. Buy your significant other a nice 1911, a thousand rounds of .45 ACP ammo, and head to the range for the best date night of your life.  You'll thank me in the end, and so will your better half.

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