As the number of movie and TV platforms grows, viewers find themselves burdened with multiple streaming subscriptions. According to Forbes, the average household spends $46 a month on streaming services, with most people subscribing to at least three. This Independence Day, a tech startup is offering a solution to help users find films and TV shows to watch for free.

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Gatsby TV

Gatsby TV, co-founded by CEO Gatsby Frimpong, has developed a revolutionary app that provides a fast and fun way to discover television shows and movies. The app consolidates all your streaming services into one platform, allowing you to see whether you need to rent, buy, or subscribe to watch a particular show or movie. It also checks an increasing number of free networks that won’t cost you anything to use. According to surveys conducted by Gatsby TV, most people spend up to 30 minutes trying to find something to watch, and this app aims to save users that time and frustration.

100,000 users

Launched just a few months ago, the Gatsby TV app already boasts 100,000 users. The app also enhances social interactions by letting you see what shows and movies your friends have watched recently and allowing you to send recommendations. It brings together the offline conversations we have about our viewing habits and integrates them into a seamless digital experience across any device.

Key Points

Gatsby Frimpong, a Stanford University graduate with extensive experience in engineering roles at Apple, Microsoft, and Google, offers valuable insights into the current state of streaming networks. He addresses several key points:

  • Where to stream for free without renting or subscribing
  • The growing fatigue from managing multiple subscriptions
  • How the app can change the way we find content to watch
  • Reducing the frustration of endless scrolling through shows
  • Issues with user data and algorithm-based suggestions on platforms like Netflix
  • The benefits of relying on real user recommendations instead of algorithms

The Gatsby TV app promises to simplify media consumption, making it easier and more enjoyable for users to discover and watch content.


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