A variety of animals, 69 in total, living on the property of an illegal marijuana grow in Ritzville are in the care of the county shelter.

Adams County Pet Rescue Director Kyya Grant says after three people living on the property off Gering Rd. were arrested last Friday, the sheriff's department asked the shelter to take on the livestock.

"Four head of cattle, two goats, a dog and a cat, about 50-some chickens and two ducks," says Grant.

Grant says they have fostered out some of the animals, and the rest are at the shelter. She says the animals were not ill-treated and do not need medical treatment, but many are underweight.

"I wouldn't say good condition but they were in a better condition than we normally find. The cattle had no water, they were all underfed, the chickens and the cat," says Grant.

She has already received some requests for adoptions but she says they have a holding period and will need to wait for court proceeding with the original owners, until the animals can be adopted out. She expects the animals will be up for adoption in a few weeks.


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